Gospel Earth

Jeffery Beam, Gospel Earth

230 pages. ISBN 978-1-907489-01-3 (paper) / 978-907-489-02-0 (cloth)

In its procession through indirection to attention, Gospel Earth, Jeffery Beam's big book of little poems, traces a transcendent open ecstacy & radiant physicality. Bridging aphorisitic compsure, Vedic & Zen alertness & the ecstasy of the Christian, Bhaktic, & Sufi mystics, the poems invoke earth spirits & the luminous power of the Word, breaching the divide between creation & humanity, healing the domination heating the earth & searing our moral compass. The poems animate the natural world beyond the confines of language, demonstrating once again as North Carolina's Independent Weekly stated "how large a canvas he can paint with a few deft strokes". Described by the poet as a work intended to "invigorate the startling propulsion of haiku's accessible simplicity & minimalism", Gospel Earth assembles a new Gnostic gospel, a distinct & astonishing beauty.

Praise for Jeffery Beam:

A Fast Short History of the Small Poem in the 20th Century might be this: Modernism, the luminous fragment: Post-Modernism, destablized morphemes - bringing us to the 21st Century & Jeffery Beam, a mustard seed. To him whose lines trace a world not hinted at, but fleshed out. His poems leave us fortunately told. Carved in reverse on cinnabar or jade, they could be seals. Or legends, clear, crisp stanzas to underline the eye: to open a window in the wall of a page. Mencius suggests that by nurturing what is small, & letting go of what is large, we welcome, not our loss, but our release. I seed every breeze, sings the dandelion, sings every bright syllable in this Gospel Earth.
Thomas Meyer

So minimal & so lush, all at once, their titles become them. Their beauty is about the huge pleasure of omission, & the powerful delicacy of what stays. They are quite sublime. Sacramental. A collection to keep beside a bed. Where they might seep into the sleeping head like pearls. The white page a hand, the poems, tiny snail sheels on the palm for scrutiny. Look even closer, they are even more exquisite.
Ippy Patterson


Review by Kimberly Steele
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